Terms & Conditions

Chairs & Co. is entitled to delay the order delivery up to 21 days after agreed delivery date.
Chairs & Co. offers storage free of charge up to 21 days from agreed delivery date.
Any amends to the order are applicable only within 48 hours from making the order after which no changes could be done.
Order is automatically cancelled if the payment is not confirmed after 48 hours from placing the order.
Any delay in settling the second payment exceeding 1 month results in automatic order cancellation with no refund.
VAT is added to the price at checkout.
Furniture guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 1 year.
Items submitted are liable to 5% increase/decrease in dimensions offered.
Fabric & Paint
Fabric bought through Chairs&co. is the responsibility of the company.
If the fabric is provided by the client, any delay in receiving the fabric will  will suspend submission for the number of days delayed + 14 days to get items back in production line.
Client is responsible for submitting fabric meters as requested. Our company might get back to you if the fabric does not suit the model selected
Storages is provided only when the full payment is completed.
We offer free storage up to 21 days from order delivery date.
Each day after the above is charged for 100 EGP/day.
Exceeding a month fees will be 250 EGP/day.
Third month will be of 25% of the total quotation.
After 3 months items will be of Chairs & Co. ownership.